Are you interested in joining the worship team at CFC?


The deadline to apply was Tuesday, February 12. We are no longer accepting applications for this round. If you are interested in auditioning in the future, please review these steps.

Before the audition, here are your next steps:

  1. Complete the complete volunteer application online or on paper

  2. Choose an excerpt of a song of your choice to perform solo

  3. Complete the audition application form


What to expect…


On audition day, you will be invited onto the stage to perform a few selections.

  1. You will perform a solo song of your choosing (About 1 minute in length)

  2. You will perform an excerpt of a typical CFC song with Josh Mitchell on piano or guitar.

  3. You may be asked to sing or try something on the spot. Hint: it may be a song we sing in church that day.

  4. There will be an evaluation panel who will choose to share some thoughts after the audition.

  5. You will hear a decision from the panel on or before February 24!


I have a question about auditions…

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