Jan 28 - Mark Sweeney Romans 12:1-2

Community Group Questions 1/28/18

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Spiritual Worship – Romans 12:1-2

1. Is this a familiar passage to you? Do you find it difficult when reading familiar passages of the Bible to let their truth really impact you?

2. What does it mean to worship something? If someone were to observe your life, what things might they conclude that you worship?

3. What do you think it means practically to “present your bodies as a living sacrifice”? What does that actually look like in your life?

4. Paul tells us not to be “conformed to this world” – in what ways are you tempted to be conformed to the world?

5. What is the significance of passive imperative “be transformed”? How have you seen your own life transformed as you have followed Christ?

6. How have you experienced God’s will as “good and acceptable and perfect”. How has your view of God’s will changed as you have followed Christ?