Steve Hartland Questions

Discussion Questions for Phil 3.17 - 21

1 - Read Phil 3.17 - 21
2 - Have you had someone who was very influential in helping you to mature in Christ; someone that you might have imitated? Who? Tell about how they “wore off on you.”
3 - Who in your church are those you “keep your eyes on” and follow? Why? What is it about them
4 - Re: people who are bad examples, what does it mean: “their god is their belly?” What are some of the “belly gods” of our day?
5 - “Their mind is set on earthly things.” What does that look like? What kinds of earthly things might they have their minds set on?
6 - Do Christians sometimes set their minds on earthly things? What kinds of things?
7 - “We await a savior.” Do you really live like you’re waiting for a savior? How should “waiting for a savior” affect us?