Feb 11 - Dave Shive Mark 1:35; 2:17

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1. Dave said that “prayerlessness robs us of a sense of purpose” – can you relate to that statement? How about the inverse – how have you seen prayer build a sense of purpose in your life?

2. “The disciples were sincerely motivated, but confused about Jesus’ priorities” – can you think of examples in the Gospels of this dynamic?  Has that ever been true in your life?

3. Dave talked about the value of knowing you were valued by your father – do you feel valued by God? Have you ever felt like God didn’t value you? How do you deal with that?

4. Jesus had a clarity of purpose – he often said that he did what his Father was doing. Do you have a sense of what God has called you to in this life? Where does that sense come from?

5. Dallas Willard said “Joy comes naturally when we are confident about who we are and what we are doing. With Jesus we have both.” How do you cultivate this kind of joy in your own life? How do you cultivate it as a group?