Feb 25 - Sean Nolan Rev 6:9-11

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At times it can be surprising how little we, as Christians, discuss what heaven will be like. What vision do you currently hold of what heaven will be like? (either the current heaven, or the final state) What Scriptures would you use to support your answers? Are there things about heaven that surprise you?

One theme within this passage is the justice of God and his wrath upon those who reject his rule. Discuss among the group your understanding of the justice of God? Have you ever struggled with this doctrine? What has helped you come to grips with it? Have you ever been able to find it a comfort?

The white robes are given to the martyrs as a symbol of victory. Yet, they are told to “wait a little longer.” They, like us, await the final fulfillment of Christ’s Kingdom coming to earth. Have you thought of the now/not yet aspect of God’s Kingdom? What are some ways you’ve experienced victory now in Christ? What are some ways that you are still awaiting the final rest and victory in glory?

It may seem that God is slow to fulfill his promise to return in judgement. However, 2 Peter 3:9-10 informs us that his delay is to offer more opportunities for men to repent and be saved. Who do you know that needs to be saved from their sin? Take some time to pray for them as a community group.