Feb 4 - Sean Nolan Gen 47:1-12

Community Group Questions — 2/4/2018 Few & Evil Days: Genesis 46:29—47:12

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1. Take a minute as a group to share some of the various promises that God had made to Jacob (or his “fathers,” Abraham, Isaac). What ones do you see coming to fruition in this passage?

2. While at initial glance it might seem like a punishment that Joseph’s family would remain outside the city limits in Goshen, in actuality it provided an opportunity for them to remain uncorrupted from Egypt’s false religion/gods. What can we learn about God from this? Are there any New Testament passages that come to mind?

3. Jacob has an opportunity to meet the most influential leader of the world in this passage. While never disrespecting Pharaoh, he also does not worship him (as was custom in Egypt). Have you ever been starstruck in the presence of someone else? How does this interaction give you perspective on the proper way to honor other—even those in seemingly “greater” positions than yourself?

4. Joseph’s family refers to themselves as “sojourners” (wanderers/pilgrims/exiles) several times in this passage. Have you ever thought of yourself in this way? (NOTE that the New Testament refers to us similarly in 1 Peter 2:11-17 — you may want to consider reading this text with your group).

5. In many ways we are probably more like Jacob than different. He refers to his days as evil. Have you ever been guilty of hyper-focusing on suffering in your life and forgetting the many positive blessings God has provided for you? How can you be reminded of God’s promises going forward? How can your community group help?

6. Joseph—just like Jesus (Phil. 2)—is not ashamed to be associated with lowly shepherds. How can you be a blessings to the lowly in your life (neighbors/family etc.)?