March 25th - Brendan Beale Mark 10:35-11:11


1)      What examples of Jesus’ “weirdness” can you think of, and what do they teach us about him?

2)       James and John thought of Jesus as a way to further their own ambitions. How did Jesus redefine greatness for them, and how does his definition of greatness challenge you?

3)      What did Bartimaeus ask Jesus for? What would it look like to be more like Bartimaeus and less like James and John?

4)      Russell Moore’s quote (below) challenges Christians to stop “prizing the powerful over the powerless.” What are some ways that you individually, or we as a church, might be guilty of doing that?

“The struggle [to have a consistent pro-life witness] isn’t a matter simply of the church versus the world, but of Christ versus the church. We must repent of the way that we, sometimes without even knowing it, have prized the powerful over the powerless. Let’s stop highlighting in our church testimonies and publications how God “blesses” the millionaire who tithes. Let’s stop trumpeting the celebrity athletes and beauty queens as evidence of God’s blessing… What would it mean for your pro-life witness if your local congregation were served by a deacon or worship leader with Down syndrome? what would it mean for your pro-life witness if the person reading Scripture this next Sunday isn’t polished for performance but instead is the stammering voice of an elderly woman in the beginning stages of dementia? It would signal that life is about more than perceived usefulness.”