March 4 - Dave Moyer John 17:1-5

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1.      Discuss Dave's assertion that John 17 is the "Real Lord's Prayer".

2.      Read Matthew 6:9-13. What connections might we make with John 17:1-5?

3.      How might the opening verses of John 17 (1-5) impact our own prayer lives?

4.      How does a proper understanding of "Eternal Life" inform our Gospel presentations?

5.      How might we imitate Christ in our own prayer life?

6.      What are some specific strategies we can implement to align our priorities with Jesus' priorities?

7.      What is your purpose in life?

8.      How can we mirror or imitate Christ in the way we demonstrate our priorities purpose, and practice?

9.      What are some strategies or ways we can make our priorities more like Jesus’ priorities?

10.  How do you tend to think about your purpose in life? What challenges or conflicts come to mind? How does Jesus’ prayer change or impact that?