April 8 - Dave Shive 2 Cor 12:7-10


1) Dave suggested that there were four ways people tend to respond to affliction:

            - fighting the affliction
            - focusing on getting relief from the afflictiion
            - resigning themselves to the affliction
            - embracing the affliction

Which of these do you most naturally default to? How has that shaped your view of affliction in your life?

2) CS Lewis said that “…God shouts in our pains…” How have you experienced this reality in your own life?

3) Read v. 9. Dave suggested that a good paraphrase of “my grace is sufficient for you” is something like: “My grace is enough that you don’t need Me to remove this problem.” How does this verse influence your perspective on affliction in your own life?

4) Paul states in v. 10 that he is “content with weakness” – how is that attitude different than simply enduring weakness?

5) “Comparative uselessness is the condition for freedom from suffering” – what does that mean? How do you see this truth reflected in 2 Cor 12:7-10? In other Scriptures?