Our next Child Dedication will be held on Sunday, March 25th


Children are a gift from God...

At CFC, child dedications are a joyful recognition that every child is a gift from God. The dedication is service is an opportunity for parents to publicly express their desire to raise their child to treasure Christ above all things. 

God has given Christian parents the tremendous privilege and responsibility of raising their children to love God and love others. In view of this, child dedications are a time to lift the entire family up in prayer so that family members will be empowered to keep their responsibility.

The church Partners with parents...

We also recognize that the faith community a child grows up in will have a powerful impact on them. Child dedications provide the the congregation with the opportunity to express their commitment as a church family to help parents raise God-glorifying children. We count it an honor and a blessing to be entrusted with that incredible privilege.

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Note - due to time constraints, all dedications are held at the 11:00am service.