At CFC, our goal is to help one another experience the joy of treasuring Jesus Christ above everything. We believe that who Jesus is and what he’s done for us is a lot more important that who we are and what we do for Christ.  This focus leads us to value three things:



Jesus died on the cross to set us free from sin. God loves us as we are. At the same time, His love compels Him to work in us to make us more like Jesus. Our hope isn’t in our ability to change ourselves – it’s in His ability to change us.



God is about relationships. When He revealed Himself to us, He became a man and lived among us and died for us. We seek to love each other the way God loved us. The church is not a building or an institution – it’s a network of relationships between flawed and imperfect people trying their best to love one another with patience and mercy as we follow Jesus together.



Our experience of Jesus’ love compels us to look outward. We believe that as God changes us, it will impact our families, neighborhoods, and community. Our goal is to help our world, both locally and globally, come to treasure Jesus Christ above all else and to let them know about the hope of a God who loves them.