Saturday, February 9

Saturday, January 12, 2019

The introduction starts at 6:24

Cue the video up to 56:25 to hear what groups discussed

Discussion Questions

On Inviting…

  • What would it look like at CFC if we all invited people consistently

  • What are things we do so well that make you want to invite others?

  • What are things we do on a Sunday that cause you to pause when thinking about inviting others?

  • Are you finding yourself growing in your invitation fervor lately?

  • What resources help you best with invitations? (i.e. business cards, website layout, video introductions, living room events that you can invite folks to first)

“I am coming back next week” moments…

  • How would you define a “I’m coming back next week” moment?

  • Can you explain a specific story when something happened that caused a guest to return at CFC?

  • How can we spread this culture?

  • What needs to change in the way we operate to create this EVERY week?


  • Why are we trying to do huddles at CFC?

  • What time would best work for our group to arrive on Sundays in order to have an effective huddle?

  • If we are serving at the second gathering, what time would be best to arrive for the huddle?

  • Where is the best location to do a huddle for our ministry area? • Who will lead the huddle if the usual person isn’t around?

Have feedback to share?

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Takeaway thoughts from November 17 meeting

  • Foyer environments are for guests (Sunday gatherings, Fellowship events, etc…)

  • Living room environments are for making friends (Get Acquainted, Exploring Christ Fellowship, etc…)

  • Kitchen environments are for family and deeper connections (Community Group)

    • We want everyone at CFC to experience the depth of close, family like relationships

  • The thought we want in people’s head is “I’m coming back next week

Implications/concepts we discussed…

  • Every team member has the opportunity to welcome newcomers

  • Clean, tidy environments communicate we are expecting guests

  • Wearing your CFC shirt communicates you are a part of the team

  • Leaving prime parking spaces available for guests is a kind gesture, if you’re able

  • Arriving early to serve (or early for our gatherings) allows time to prepare and refocus

Introducing Ashley Larimore: Front Line Leader

Ashley Larimore is joining our Sunday morning team as our volunteer front line coordinator. She will be working in sync with the welcome, parking, usher, children, and hospitality teams so there are warm handoffs and great first impressions for our guests. You will be seeing and hearing more from her in the coming months!

Closing Thoughts

  • The thought we want in people’s heads is “I’m coming back next week” — we ALL can influence this

  • Scroll down on this page to watch a conversation between Greg and Josh that goes into more depth about welcoming guests

  • XXL and XXXL shirts are back in stock in limited quantities - these cost us about $15 per shirt to order (if you are able to donate, it helps to offset costs!)

  • Don’t forget to wear your shirt when you serve!

Foyer, Living Room, Kitchen Environments

The video below is about 20 minutes of Greg explaining the Foyer, Living Room, Kitchen concept in more detail. Due to a malfunction, this was the only footage captured. Cue the video up to the 12:00 minute mark to the start of the talk:


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Welcoming and hospitality is at the heart of God 

Leviticus 19:34

You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God.

Hebrews 13:2

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

Parking lot to parking lot mindset 

We want all Sunday volunteers to be mindful of what happens from “parking lot to parking lot.” We all play a critical role in making guests feel welcome. 

“I’m coming back next week” 

The thought we want people to have when they exit the building and drive home is “I’m coming back next week!” 

A culture of ownership 

You’re not here to do a job, you’re here to own the mission: to welcome others and show hospitality. We want every team member to go out of their way to welcome and show others hospitality. We are here to serve God cheerfully with all of our hearts. Colossians 3:23 - “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.”

You will see more of what you’re looking for

If you’re intentionally looking for new guests, people that look confused or uncertain, you will find them—and see more of them every week! Who are you looking for each Sunday?

We’re glad you’re here! 

This phrase is on the back of our new bright t-shirts. This simple phrase reminds us the posture and attitude we want to see lived out in our team at every church gathering. 

Team huddles: 8:50 am and 10:20 am 

40 minutes before each CFC gathering, each ministry team will huddle together for a quick reminder/thought before we begin serving. Teams will pray for unbelievers that may come to church today and pray for each other, that God will work in mighty ways. This is also a great opportunity to introduce yourself to others on your team and be prepared before the day begins. Team huddles will be lead by team members and leaders.

Pray that God will cause leaders to rise up

We are praying that God will be working in the hearts of the people serving on Sunday and that He may prompt people to become leaders.

Watch or listen: What are we trying to do at CFC on Sunday mornings? [VIDEO]


”We’re glad you’re here!” shirts ($10 suggested donation)

If you were not here on Saturday, please see Hope Mitchell (near the coffee bar) to get your shirt. These are for those signed up to serve on Sundays!

You are encouraged to wear this each time you are serving to help newcomers identify you. When you wear this shirt, it’s your job to help people, greet people, and go out of your way to make others feel welcomed!