A Note From Pastor Sean


CFC Family,

It is with competing emotions I announce our upcoming transition. In August I will be stepping out of my role as family life pastor here at CFC and we will begin relocating to our hometown of Albany, NY to begin planting a new church as missionaries. God knows they need good churches there. We have been incredibly blessed to call CFC our home for the three years God had us here and have made so many meaningful relationships. As such, it is hard to think of moving five hours away. Conversely, we are excited to step into what God is calling us to. While Greg has been on sabbatical it has been encouraging to see a variety of men from the area step up to share from God’s Word. As I’ve wrestled with our call to plant a church, it is an interesting point to consider. There are few trustworthy men who so faithfully share the gospel in the spiritually dark city of Albany. Ultimately, this has been further confirmation of God’s call upon me. At times I’ve felt like Moses in Egypt: while we are well fed spiritually here in Harford County, many folks I love back in Albany, NY are in spiritual bondage. “How are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent” (Roms. 10:14-15)? We look forward to maximizing our final days here with all of you as we prayerfully seek God and His provision for the future. Please keep us in your prayers.

Grace, love, and peace,

Sean Nolan (and family)