Did Jesus ACTUALLY Say That? (Part 1): "I'll Meet You AFTER I'm Dead"?

Discussion Questions


1.    Nixon’s “it’s not illegal if you’re the president” and Roosevelt’s “I’ve just been shot” are both pretty shocking statements. Can you think of some other famous sayings that were shocking when first spoken?


2.    The term “shock value” usually carries a negative connotation. But are there times when shock is helpful? Can you think of an example when being shocked led to a positive result?


3.    Creative exercise: Imagine that Jesus did not rise from the dead. Spend some time thinking about how a group of uneducated, poor common folks were able to start a brand new “religion.” With no access to political, economic, educational or cultural power- how might such a group successfully make a new religion “stick?”


4.    What were the three arguments Greg cited to suggest that the tomb of Jesus was actually empty?

5.    Which one of these arguments resonated with you the most- why?

6.    Read 1 Corinthians 15:20-20. How foundational to the Christian faith was the resurrection? What do you think Paul would have said to the idea that even if there was no resurrection, Christianity has merit just the same?